People are Hired on Skills and FIRED on Attitude

Introducing the New INTEGRITY and VALUES Profiling System… arguably a WORLD FIRST, proven method of recruitment screening and leadership coaching.

Have you hired the WRONG staff and lived with the emotional, productivity and financial consequences?

Studies reveal that bad hiring decisions can cost you anywhere between 50% and 250% of their annual salary! A bad $60,000 hire could cost you $240,000!!!

Test your people on their Attitude before it’s too Late

Now you can accurately identify an individual’s Integrity & Values and predict the impact on your team and BOTTOM LINE PROFITABILITY

The Integrity & Values Profiling System takes the guess work out of hiring, coaching and developing people. With an inbuilt predictor of likely behaviour, it give strong insights about recruitment candidates and whether they are going to deliver the results you want after you have trained them up and the probation period (3-6 months) is over.

The Integrity & Values Profiling System assesses 6 key areas:

  1. Personal Integrity & Values
  2. Self Management
  3. Work or Task Focus
  4. Relationship Management
  5. Vision
  6. Impression Management

All of these areas have been statistically validated.

Why should I use this system - What makes it so different from all the others in the market?

The key difference is that this system measures the UNSEEN world of Integrity and Values in addition to the more commonly measured behavioural and preferential indicators that are more easy to see. Integrity and Values measures things like accountability and responsibility and truthfulness, traits which many of us in business and community groups regard as very important. We even place them proudly in our values statements! However, the problem is, we have traditionally found it too difficult or too uncomfortable to measure or predict these fundamental things with any degree of accuracy.

We have all seen the ultimate examples of ineffective Integrity & Values in corporate collapses like ENRON and HIH.

This system tells you the conversations that CANNOT be had in your business. You do the sums on how much $$$ is flowing out the door.

The personal Integrity & Values Measurement of the Profiling System measures and predicts WITH OBJECTIVE STATISTICAL ACCURACY, our capacity to have our values, attitudes and beliefs EVIDENT and PRESENT in our relationships with ourselves and other people. In other words, it measures what drives our behaviour at a subconscious level.

The extent to which we DON'T exhibit this alignment, can be directly correlated to how much we are costing our business in $$$.

Our Research tells us that integrity is fundamental to business success and has the following components:

Truthfulness: To what extent is the truth optional?
Responsibility: What is my capacity to deliver on my tasks and promises?
Accountability: To what extent can I hold other people accountability for their agreed behaviours and deliverables?
Loyalty: How committed am I to the organisation/task at hand?
Self Awareness: What is my capacity to reflect on my own values, characteristics, motives and feelings?

The Integrity and Values assessment also enables us to:

    • Coach and develop existing staff with crystal clear clarity
    • Create robust succession plans
    • Predict the desire to do a job after 3-6 months
    • Flag potential negative attitudes or likely behaviours
    • Construct powerful interview questions and referee questions
    • Predict likely team spirit
    • Uncover leadership capability
    • Verify your “gut” instincts about attitudes with objective statistical accuracy
    • Take a stand and validate your own declared business VALUES statements which uphold integrity, accountability, responsibility and truthfulness
    • Understand someone’s default style under pressure
    • See how hard people try to make an impression – whether good or bad

    What exactly can I use it for again?

    You can use it for:

    1. Recruitment
    2. Coaching
    3. Leadership Development
    4. Succession Management
    5. Performance Coaching
    6. Mentoring
    7. Cultural Change

    …especially in rapidly changing organizations

    How do I find out more about how I can use it in my business?

    Call 02 9599 6791  (Australia)
    International +61 2 9599 6791

    Or email

    To set up an appointment where a consultant from Worrall & Associates can show you how it works.

    Don’t waste any more time, money or resources living with the consequences of staffing problems.

    Call today to find out how the integrity and values system can improve your business success.

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