Worrall and Associates offers organizations the integrated Team Management Systems (TMS) work-based assessments, feedback instruments and workshops which support individuals, teams and organizations achieve lasting change and higher workplace performance through team building.

Developed in Australia and applied in over 119 countries, the Team Management Systems  framework is one of the most extensively researched and reliable set of psychometrics available on the market today.

Team Management Systems gives organizations access to a powerful set of techniques to manage potential conflict, solve problems, motivate team members, assign tasks and drive a new level of team performance.

TMS supports organizations in the following ways:

  • Identifying the Roles that people like to adopt in teams
  • Clarifying the functions that teams must perform in order to be successful
  • Coaching in the linking skills required to coordinate and lead a team
  • Understanding individual approaches to risk and their propensity to see change as opportunities or obstacles
  • Working with a team’s core values that drive their decisions and behaviour
  • Enabling organizations to identify and nurture the core organisational values that will sustain their competitive advantage through team building
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