What do you REALLY want to HAVE, to DO, to BE???

Do any of these problems apply to you?

  • A sense of frustration about where you are headed
  • Lack of clarity about how to achieve your goals
  • You set goals, yet can’t seem to reach them
  • You find yourself frequently diverted from your goals to attend to other things

The Design Your Life System from Mind Tools taps into your inner capacity to create a powerful Vision of your future, and gives you a step by step process for setting goals that are so compelling that they literally pull you forward towards them.
With the support of the Design Your Life system, you will learn the tools you need to:

  • Imagine and activate your dreams;
  • Turn your dreams into reality;
  • Identify which goals to focus on right now;
  • Align your goals with your unique values;
  • Break free of mental barriers to success; and
  • Motivate yourself to achieve much more.

This program is designed to give you a sense of certainty, clarity and focus about where you’re going and what you need to do to get there.
How the System Works

  • Set goals and know you can achieve them;
  • Have total clarity about the goals you are pursuing;
  • Overcome the sticking points that have been holding you back;
  • Deal with your fears and overcome your set-backs; and
  • Get more motivated all of the time

Here’s what other people say about Design Your Life

"Clarified many areas of goal setting in a way that was motivating and easy to implement…
- Andrew Jobling, Author

"…I should have written down my Real Estate goals a long time ago. I know now that I would have achieved far more in my career."
- Paul Markovic, Director Markovic Real Estate

Take a decision today to step into the driver’s seat of your own life and achieve the results you want through the Design Your LifeSystem of structured goal setting and goal achievement.


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