No matter what we think about change, it’s here to stay and it’s getting faster and more complex. There is one inescapable conclusion to this trend. In today’s organizations it is no longer enough that business leaders are adept at their traditional technical, people management and business functions. Today’s leaders need to master the techniques of inspiring themselves and others to take action in the face of change and create new opportunities for a successful future.

For a leading IT  multinational, we created and delivered the “Creating a Climate for Change” Leadership seminar + 1:1 coaching  which was designed to:

  • Eliminate uncertainty about how change really happens – what the text books don’t tell you;
  • Understand the top reasons why change leaders fail and what to do to make sure this isn’t you;
  • Increase your confidence and reduce the pain of conducting difficult conversations;
  • Transform your effectiveness in selling the message of change to other people;
  • Improve your skills in helping yourself and other people through the emotional journey of change;
  • Learn how to leverage and embrace the champions and manage the saboteurs of your change efforts;
  • Improve your effectiveness in balancing the priorities of change with business as usual; and
  • Acquire some powerful techniques that will transform your influence as an agent of change.
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